my milk.

Honestly, i  l o v e  milk. I mean, life wld be pretty . . . black without it.
I have it with & in everything:Tea, spinach, soup, kelloggs, coffee, cocktails, toast, cookies, fruits, cereals, blahblahblah…

So there s a well-known phenomena which happens quite often to me without myself taking notice of it…..
yeah, i m talking about the famous….

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So, what I did was googling it :D
And actually, I found a genius website & a campaign named “Got Milk?”, showing how healthy & important my beloved real milk is.
You have to check it out! CLICK HERE
On the website also is another link to MAKE YOUR OWN FAKE MILK.(click!).
 It s a very funny site & one of the best I’ve surfed on. You really miss something if you dont click on the last link(; Plus you learn something!

drink milk from cows(for example Mathieus cows:P) & stay cute,



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