no kills.

“Suicide Awareness Day” :

(which was yesterday but I forgot to blog then)
>>>*wear something yellow or write love on your wrist to show support of people you know that have attempted or succeeded in committing suicide.*
great idea to show that whatever happens, life is still worth fighting for. I know it s an easy thing to say & it s much much harder to try saving what s considered hopeless&lost and therefor I’m honestly proud of everyone who wanted to kill himself&did not.
That day shows also that there are people who care, and there are many, which is brilliant.
Often suicide attempts are threated like “childish attention seeking acts” which is so ignorant&birdminded of the people saying that. If they only would think one second about the reasons that pushed someone to such an action.
I hope that these people learned something yesterday too, and that they think about what they’re making fun of before they speak&laugh about it. Cause it is a damn serious matter. And for some people it s not that funny.
To these guys&girls went that msg yesterday:whereever you are, whatever you do, you are loved.

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