i am (re)creative. i am failing.

hi mooses,mermaids & marshmallows

i guess you all know FIMO. it s sutin outta which you can do sutin&stuff.
love my definitions man.

at the beginning i was very much token by enthousiasm and carried away to art-en-ciel 3000 and when i came back, i was on the critical point of putting my heaven like shaped stuff into the oven_well, it s here where the sad part starts.
i can tell you, never heat fimo at 280degree celsius. Your cool things will burn,get brown, and degage a huuuuge cloud of asphyxiating qualms…very badlooking and stinky.


Notice: the ones on the right side are burned, the left one not ):

and here is how to ‘bake’ fimo :3
1. Put it on a baking paper
2.heat your oven hundred or hundredten degree
3.never hotter than 130!
4.leave it for at least half an hour
5.take it out& smile




(already put 3 fimo beads in my hair, new dreadlock:D)

love you guys,


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