who loves norway best part one

This will be the first in the following row of posts dedicated to a very special subject:


You may, no, you surely already heard about that famous Brede Hangeland and always wondered: who is hiding behind that name?
a handsome, very tall football player with large feet?
an evil genius mind with a weakness for homemade star wars cookies (especially r2d2 shaped ones)?

well, there is more stuff going to be posted, so you clever holmes peeps already guessed that the unexampled identity of Brede Hangeland will not be revealed today.

it will be but a shadow.
and may it ll remain? we’ll see(:

i dont want you guys to leave sadly, so here are the first (tumtumtum) indications :

-Brede’s full name is Brede Hangeland
-his initials are BH.
(this is meant to be funny)
-Brede feels the urge to get a new pseudonyme. (or even a pseudonyme’s pseudonyme)

I hope you liked the introduction to your new favorite subject and are already looking forward to new information which fills your dreams&imagination : D

the blogging about her friends,
France de plume xx


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