the great apologies.

every good post starts with a famous citation.


SORRY, Mr. Monty Python God, but i have to be SORRY &Apologize my vices:

not blogging for such a long period of time.

but, i present my best exuses:
i did something else. something like this

well, i’m out of the box again.

aaaaand..hum, is as boring as before, but i keep denying it on here and pretend there are some bright shiny thingys.

i’m gonna tell you this:

Black Milk- the emperor strikes back has finally been released:D

with this wonderfulllll dress & loads of other heart-stuff

especially beloved are …
-artoo&threepio legs
-death star dress
-galaxy green dress
-hex mono legs
-leg bones neon yellow legs
-triangle legs
-sheer judge
-wet look long sleeve
-junkfood white legs

ready to NOM these!? Lets go:D





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