never lost?

exploring foreign citys is cool – no doubt. getting lost sometimes is too.
but not having the intention to get lost and lose the right way however- that’s crappy. In that damn moment, we often lose our map, can’t read it anymore because of various circumstances (the dog ate a part of it etc.).
Beautys, dont be afraid there is a fashionable, kinda oldschool solution ( i assume using your phone as not-so-fashionable)



whatever you do to it it will resist and show you the streets and corners of its city(:
yeah, it’s water resistant too, so in case of need you could use it as an instant umbrella.

They exist for different citys, i only put some samples here(:
The price is around 12EUR, which is quite expensive compared to the free-paper-maps you get in every big city but they worth the money.

This is not something you absolutely need, but it s something you absolutely want and pleasure lies in beaty and they definitely are cool(:






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