liz and fränk.<3


despite some boring things, today was great. lets precise: the afternoon was great.
Okay, talking during lunch about the different significations of GANGBANGing may already indicated inductively the later rising awesomness.
so far about this first signs. HERE is the great experience that *made my day* (besides the pre-excitement about tomorrows blackmilk ammo birthday launch)


we called him “Hitler”.

you cant deny it s cuteness tho.

after some critizising posts on twitter, and Lena eating a bit of its hairdo, it looked like this:

let me give you a closer analysation and description of its character:

notice: 1.the legs are very white, cause they are SHAVED (also see THIS ! you really should click on that link^^)
2.the mustache isnt shaved, but presents itself in full nutella.
3. dolfi has a war wound on its left arm. (someone shot him.)
4.first, he was designed to be an android, than he turned out being a historical figure.
5.”meine waffel ist anders geraddert” (this point will be understood especially by luxembourgish people)

close up<3

Liz got an amazing shirt!

and amazing bakery skills

her house is my second home.

okay, there are no pics of Lena, but she was doing latin&an amazing presentation of Canada, entertaining us and wearing yoga pants

liz has been wearing black velvet legs (>BlackMilk) (:


random today facts:

– the blackboard nearly crashed onto our latin teacher.
-(i completely ignore the construction of that word, but i hope you get the meaning)

-whales on hitler books

-phely(male) tried to seduce his english teacher (male) during exam by showing his underwear&sutin (he didnt. coward.)

-watched” Being John Malkovich” . my recommendations.

After baking we turned to another favorite subject (guess what….) SHOES :D

and i’ll share with you what Liz showed me


You may know her because of Irregular Choice Shoes (london college of art collection) #orso..

anyway, had to show you these and I guess you are now as amazed as I was some minutes ago-

i think…that was it?


stay cute xx

Fränz (not to be mistaken for Fränk)


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