no pudding left.

This will be an ego post. if you dont care about trivial info about things that happen around me, you may be bored while reading. If you want to know why my cat ate the pudding, just continue.

First, i baked,baked,baked ->many cookies. And all together they formed a cute village with a lake. There were house-cookies, flower-cookies, wave-cookies, duck-cookies, star-cookies, moon-cookies, moose-cookies and one cat-cookie. Of corse the cat-cookie is supposed to catch and eat up all the duck-cookies. With colourfull sugar and sprinkles.Looked very cute, but posting food is…. uh, it s a no-no.(:

also a lot of waffles suddenly appeared and tried to look tasty. awh, they succeeded.

No stupid food pic, therefor enjoy this:

The second thing that prepared the final strike of my evil cat was the monumental arrival of my granma. She made us laugh and hates the cat. She rejected 2 and a half of the 3 presents she got, insulted various people and things, and however wangled to be loved. !<3!

And then, the last hint that this day would be a very uncommon one was someone i catched a glimpse of at church. this was a both curious and odd experience, for my eyes seemed to play some daffy trick. But it was all true, ‘he'(who remains unnamed here :P) was there, leapt into my view. and then i forgot the cat.


then, gameboy music filled the house again. Zelda (gold edition) theme.
interrrupted by the screams Link exclaims when swinging his sword.

P.S. you’re free to judge on your own whether these reasons substantiate the cats atrocity or not.


stay cute,



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