aim high


since quite a while platform shoes are kinda haunting me :3
Developing my singular affection to them, i found out that, as always, there is a too big offer and too few pearls.
To keep this nicely well-arranged, there will only be flat platforms (i m atm wondering which ones i should buy, cant really decide)

remembering the 90s people first wore that dope creepers, here some piece of advice as they wld have put it:

“damn skippy, you need some of these well buzz hype shoes. Down with that?”

1 93f6kungen-topshop-fashion-blog-review-demicouture2

^Dionne Platform Creepers available on Nastygal


^self made leather creepers, available on Etsy buffalo1


buffalo3 Buffalo-shoes-12inches

^last 4 images were all Buffalo platforms, the last one 12inches high *—*cheapmonday1

^Cheap Monday flats


^cheap monday

^Jeffrey Campbell by Urban Outfitters


^cheap mondaydocmartens1

^Doc. Martens

img-thing Jeffrey Campbell Platform Creeper2
^Jeffrey Campbell


^Jeffrey Campbell



^Jeffrey Campbelljeffreycampbell3


^Superga x House of Holland


^Jeffrey Campbell


^Jeffrey Campbell

alejandro ingelmo1

^Alejandro Ingelmo

alejandro ingelmo2

^Alejandro Ingelmo


^Jeffrey Campbell


^Jeffrey Campbell


^MTNG sneakers

prada prada1 prada2 prada3 prada4 prada5 prada6 prada7 prada8

^oxfordplatforms all from Prada






^Black Oxford Leather handmade platform creepers available on Etsy

^Hellsea Boot available on Nastygal

^Stinger Spike Creepers available on nastygal

^Sasha, available on Nastygal



^^ Buffalo x Moonspoon available on Solestruck

Peace out!<3



  1. Brilliant post thanks! I am sold on creepers coz they are so comfy, you can walk for miles in them and they still look cool. And there is the added bonus of keeping your feet warm coz they’re up off the ground…… Fabulous!

    • awwh thanks(:
      up to now, i m only proud owner of one pair of platform wedges…(this will change soon.)
      if there is any cool brand missing or any really -peng-pew-pow- shoes i forgot… send me a link or so(:

  2. I really love those platforms.. I first pic, what brand is that? I try last year to get the gaga from Vagabond without any luck, still love them!

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