we add up

"no one can do everything 
everyone can do something"


“We add up” was founded by two very nice woman cause they believed into something. They wanted to protect and care about their environment (*save the planeeeet*)- and they were convinced other people thought the same.

So, the idea mainly is that one buys a shirt with his personal concern/passion on it and on the front side the personal number is displayed. It shows how many people up to then have already campaigned for this cause (=bought the shirt), by then running around with THAT shirt and getting asked by others what it means – and that way: spread the message.

Because that’s the only thing that matters here: informing others via this very fashionable and fancy shirt!

P.S. The We Add Up t-shirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton, sweatshop-free, grown in Texas, and custom printed and numbered in Ohio.

P.P.S. read more about their mission

and programs on the website.



<<We Add Up is an organic t-shirt campaign that counts you in for your positive impact in the world. Each t-shirt is custom printed with a unique number. YOUR number is your position in our global count of people adding up to make change. Each shirt is one of a kind. When you purchase a WE ADD UP tee and get your number, you help our count grow. Our goal is to show that small changes make a big difference and We Add Up!>>


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