wear a mag.

you buy nice mags.

you buy fashionable shirts.

(you buy ways too much anyway)

now what if that was just… ONE thing.

one goodlooking thing. one T POST.


every issue another talented artist.
every issue another nekultra story.

every month a new shirt.
every shirt is made to order.
which means you order them in advance. and then you get your newspaper/shirt issue. and they only make as much as ordered. and you can’t order the ones from last months.
which mainly means: You never know what you’ll get cause they dont sneek the peak.

61_private_parts_1 26_Altruism_1 68_green_is_as_green_does_1

let your shirt tell a story on the inside
and speak in pictures on the outside.
just like: looook it got a newspaper article inside.


p.s. T POST is SWEDISH<333
and the email responding guys there are very friendly in fact(:
and no, the shirts are not always white.

so… GO FOR IT!





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