the sailors girl longs for the sea


i love waves.

their colour. their melody. their smell.

so, whenever i have dowwwns (like the last 3 days) i keep looking at wave pictures (for there is no sea in luxembourg). what i also do, when lacking motvation, is telling me : >>be better than you were yesterday.<< and looking at loads of other motivation-pics – my fav. purveyor here being definitely tumblr and now also pinterest ( i just signed up: france’s pinterest)

the best remedy for dragged-down-by-failures and drowned-in-confusion (yeah those are adjectives. i like adjectives. use more adjectives!) minds is NOT food btw, buuut: running. it’s even scientifically proved (info taken from a real mag, not from 9gag). food will only weigh you down. (figuratively and literally).


after all this, in the depth of my closet i found that dress. it used to be long, now its short. and it reminds me of the belgian coast and of watching waves from the window ledge on the seventh floor.

(alsoalso: LOOKBOOK)




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