a place i could call home


a love story.


>>u are that lonesome distant traveller hit by this radiant disease called #being brilliant# <<


>>so deep the bottom of the ocean turns out to be the skies of pulse, so deep it turns the bends into the turbine on which u speedfeed, makes the cromate isis of seas become ur only friend.<<

226018_1953431885318_1528304544_2184078_60960_n 228511_1953458245977_1528304544_2184108_8228483_nDSCF9275.

>>i’m about 2 realize the full extend of my care for u. this kind of radiant sadness, the way you delicately exhale ur loneliness among the laughing ones. a wity beauty shadowed by her blag dogs. &u kept me alive# so miss u in {in the purple dawning room, alone} <<

216509_1942028480240_1528304544_2165969_7155179_n DSC_0479

>>yeah i know. unbearable. sorry for that. i really am. wish i could do sth, do u want me 2 shut up & go away? 2 make things easier for u? it would burn me down but i would do it if u told me to! i really really l*** u in my own ways that u totally dig. i wouls like 2 take u 2 the boundaries of mind and bodyspace! <<


[France, wearing: pic1/hollister shirt/jack wills jeans//pic2/desigual bag/object jacket/superdry skirt/camper shoes//pic6/vintage shirt/vintage bag/cheap monday jeans//pic9/rayban glasses//]

[pictures: Liz&France]

[texts: XWD ]


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