believe me.


finally another blogpost! school&lazyness pretty much kept me busy the last few weeks, but eventually i passed my year aaand found new motivation (-> a day is worth ways too much to waste it on being badly dressed)


i’ve been wearing this to the resto today, bc even if you eat so much delicious bread no one will notice your fat belly under the loose top (;
part from my mom trying to nick the bag i bought it london and the postofficelady complimenting me on my shoes (and wondering how i can walk so gracefully in them), there is one major subject everyone’s talking about atm: new elections!
i still dont quite realize that i will participate in those (little excited:3) but what i definitely wont do is starting to blog mainly about political issues (even tho you get loads of views then).

– dress: The Kooples-
– heels: Buffalo london –
– bag: Burberry –

enjoy the SUN & the SEA




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