you and me.



– a schooltrip résumé-


>underground & loads of tourist-walking. (ticking off the famous attractions on our check list)

///apparently we picked the four sunny days in three years of rain! so not even the many complains about hurting feet/knees/random bodyparts could outweight the sun-flooded sparkling beauty of londons sights. ///


DSCF2201 DSCF2216

>how-to-spend-free-time: either going to a pub(here: the phoenix) or window shopping suits<3

///due to the fact that freetime always passed so quickly, my shopping was not too exhaustive. as we were visiting london during the SALES-period, there were of corse too many things and not enough time & money to spend. part from a little victoria secret shopping, some books<3 & three saled dresses, i bought a burberry bag which i’m totally in love with by now (: ///

DSCF2198 DSCF2197

>walking and spotting.

///walking by, you only get snatches of impressions. what i regret in organised city-visits is that you never truly get to in-depth watch everything cause the whole journey is always a little hurried. so you just have to pick a few things and focus on them (or get up early in the morning to enjoy the turtle&time-stone-arrangement:3) ///

DSCF2178 DSCF2200

>museums (science museum & tate britain)

///i’ve never been to these museums before and i’ll definitely go back. the first pic is a composition of many different materials, the second one is an impressive statue entitled “Eve”///


>ehrmagerrd the church of scientology (it’s so big.)



///about 80% of the pics i take consist of foreign people that charm me by the way they look/move/dress/behave. here’s a small selection of my impolite spying.///


stay cute guys,







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