france’s face.


after a month of working at an italian restaurant it’s a queer thing not to be surrounded by italian speaking people anymore but again by family&other luxembourgishspeaking people. i ‘d never thought i’ld say this but yeah i kinda miss hearing a beautifullllll foreign language and having to speak french throughout every day.


this flowery ZARA blazer is what i’ve been wearing before&after my last shift and it’s actually the first time i’ve been wearing it ever since i co-bought it together with Angie a while ago. (we compared: the pattern isnt exactly printed the same way, so every piece is a little unique i guess). as it’s very comfy it was the perfect choice for my daily “sillyfaces-pictures”rage and my (too late)nighty being-everyone’s-taxi . true to “LIFE IS A JOKE”.

.3m .5c .4a2

GIF me everything.

Picture0005 (3) Picture0004 Picture0004 (3)Picture0006

enough facial spam (and congratulations for my blog’s first anniversary):::egoFRANCE xxx


note:  i love you.


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