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Angela and Roi Lee share a lot of loves: the one for each other, the one for aesthetic handbags, the one for charity.

This lead them to found the brand “angela&roi“: their main focus isn’t profit but doing something good -for customers as well as for various causes (see a list HERE)

>>A detachable color ribbon accompanies each handbag purchase. The ribbon associates with specific causes. By attaching the ribbon to your handbag, you can help raise awareness.<<

additionally $5 of every purchase are donated to the specific cause. and they’re using vegan leather!




AND! at the moment one of their bags, the SUNDAY TOTE, is saled on UNCOVET.COM !
– but unfortunately black was sold out by the time i got my paycheck ):


AND ALSO! angela and roi blog really great pictures, you shld definitely check them out(;


not fallen for them yet? let some more pictures convince you….->

photo-5 9bda7502b6eabe4affbceafabd05a0ec_grande 525742_611353572219724_1765051748_n_grande 944475_593013404053741_9348349_n_grande 994214_595449170476831_455841646_n_grande ff7995cafa93e5b478753b036f190011_grande ffd225f7080d1cf1439f6d85c8488674_fc1f8d34-2af7-4b22-8e0c-bb5b8f137e8e_grande photo_3-3_a738c452-81b5-48db-8494-dea80d2227ec_grande


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