hey peeps(:

Photo on 25b

recently my blog turned one year! So that was a serious reason to celebrate. (and then there was my birthday as well)

usually i do not really appreciate getting old, but if i am rewarded for having outlived another year i dont complain either. i believe making presents creates even more joy than receiving them. But then that day all the cute,lovely people that remembered me & overwhelmed me with gifts made me so grateful and ultimately happy.
you’re awesome and wonderful and i love you.

of corse, in this matter, family comes first. and their evil snapshots when you’re still tired&unprepared.


chocolate cake, mushrooms and a Light. just like “hey, when did you spy on my mind”.
(i also got tickets for bolshoi ballet.<3)DSC_3157.

i got MOAR cake from Ben (do i look that voracious?), a book from Jeff (i definitely look like a booklover) and a birthday card from Liz (moaaaar paper goods for france!).

Photo on 25d

and a velvet black dress from my best friend THI<3 accompanied by an uttermost distinguished invitation for dinner.

Photo on 25c

dresscode being anything blackmilk, i chose the SCREAM DRESS, which is one of my(if not THE) favs. combining it with a simple black blazer and black heels. (effect: all ze focus on the dreeess)Photo on 25e  Photo on 25f



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