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hey peeps!


Do you also have this list in your head with styles that others totally dig but you’ld never wear yourself? Like suspender leggings. look rad on that cute internet girl but just dont match your personal style at all. or the colour pink! too cute on your friend but fat-baby-rubbish on you.

and last wednesday i noticed that on real shopping expeditions I become fully aware of this and of the extent of this list, which i usually dont realize during my internet shopping  (most websites making it so easy to filter exactly what you want to see). To reduce my bias  i actually dared to try on what i usually wld have discarded straight away : a crop top. and furthermore i combined it with high waisted jeans (something i’m only learning to appreciate).

Actually that turned 2 fishy pieces of clothes into an appreciated outfit and reconciled me (a little) with crop tops. I guess this crop top and me will establish a longterm friendship.




DSCF2974f DSCF2981c DSCF3008b

seascape crop top hollister // jeans Diesel // shoes Vans //

HYPE this look on lookbook!



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