i MUST immediately share my latest discovery with you. so recent, i haven’t breathed yet since discovering it.

My heart still bounces and sparkles and does a lot of funny things that make me all dizzy and excited. like falling in love, only without the insecurities if that feeling will be responsive or not (because here it will if our bank account agrees. and it just has to. bc who wld not succomb.) also i have the strong suspicion this affection will never wear off. and the more gentle, soft suspicion of having known this brand already but enver really grasped it(found the internet shop). put contemporarily, ‘shut up and take my money’.

MULTI-BUTTER-1024x739 OB13MW02-Woodland-Hummingbird-Rose-Gold-1024x1024 OB13WL11-Woodland-Butterfly-Dark-Brown-1024x1024 OB14MD20-Midi-Dial-Black-+-Gold-£62-www-1024x1024 OB14MV20-Modern-Vintage-Black-+-Gold-£82-1st-dec-launch-1024x1024

mesdames et messieurs,

the very




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