top 3 dresses


these are the current top 3 from my dress wishlist!

Number one (from left to right) is the Peplum Bandage Dress by NASTYGAL. I was always disliking peplum dresses until i wore one myself (see here) and loved it (: Also the model reminds me Nathalie Portman, which influences or corroborates my opinion on the dress.

The second one is the awesome TED BAKER ‘Telago’ Embroidered Tulle Frock I instantly fell for. It gives you this kinda dreamy, effortless and innocent look but is ultimately chic at the same time. Unfortunately my wallet says No to this one otherwise it wld be mine ):

The third dress is the Mango Rouched Lace Maxi Dress by ASOS. I’ve been hesitating to put it on the list both because of the colour and because of its summery character, not sure if I could really pull of such a dress. At the same time it’s terribly tempting (it’s even saled atm!) and “Go For It” echoes endlessly in my head.






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