heart’s desire & witch hunt .

hi peeps (:
finally another ootd post again! and on a somewhat special occasion: our school’s première theatre option performed their play this eve! needless to point out how awesome they were, the huge applause gave em credit.
Photo on 3-29-14 at 11.42 PM

plus!: i’ve been wearing the wonderful bag my boyfriend got me from his trip to France (:

(btw: yes, this is a proof of his good taste.)


it’s exactly the size of the stuff i “need” to carry around, so yay! (only the size of my scrap book cant be adapted to my new bag.) And the lining is all pink(!) and the little tag dangling on it said the darling artist that made this is >>le chant du robot<<. btw, these are smiling wrinkles. just so you know ;)




– we spill images like coffee. all of a sudden, we stumble on them, and trying to drink eagerly, they slide through our hands, liquefied. then there’s always a residue in our mug. evidence of a remembrance.
tho there’s one thing to it that never dilutes. the room will always be filled with this smell. the smell of you. of me. of spilled coffee. –




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