N E W S. stories. heads.

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while catnapping. lost in the slumberous purrpurr dreams of your steady shelter which sure as hell keeps away all the exam-stress-stoaaarm (wind speed three thousand). suddenly news&post is raining on you as mellow hail, delicately resounding; brushing up hair and heart.


one3 copy


number one – (and the very best news:)
Denis passed his lawyer exam. SO PROUD! all the love.




number two – our school’s hoodie finally arrived and it is _awesome_

number three – my TATTIFY order arrived!

after reading LEESA’s blogpost I was so stunned that i spent “half a fortune” on what i’ld call children-tattoos. They’re still at the post office tho!
bookworm-4-product cheese-1-product feather-0-product vie-0-product quotes-18-set-product_1

number four – lux. students are demonstrating against the reform of the bursary(not sure if this is the right word)! #streik6670

i think the demo put too much emphasis on the fact that we’ld get less money (which is appropriated as the commuter’s “children” will as well be able to apply for that money and some of the students really didnt need that much money – tho there are loads who needed and still need it badly and will be deprived of what they lack now.)
what personally annoys me ways more is that the new way of funding one’s education makes adults dependent on their parents and on begging them for money as the amount will be determined by their income. furthermore no one is asking how many children those parents have to take care of and whose education they will contribute to finance.


number five -( and what this post will be spammmmed with:)


I’ve blogged a bit about the tpost-mag and their concept in the past (see here ) and this is now the third shirt i’ve bought! as you never know what you’ll get it’s quite…surprising (no shit sherlock.) now: talk less, show more (it’s the other way round usually tho…)


I just love the way they pack and send their shirts to you. It looks a bit like a big hardcover book with some elastic straps. beautiful simplicity.


i’ve ordered the shirt in a brachiosaurus size, as it’s going to be a sleepshirt.

Photo on 4-24-14 at 2

i wouldnt wear the shirt myself in public as it’s a little too offending for my taste, tho it wld sure look rad on someone else:D
as always, a little article is inside on the back – the very essential feature of tpost.



on 4-24-14 at 3 -24-14 at 3 Photon 4-24-14at 3Photo on 4-24-14 at 3




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