i don’t like james bond

14 at 5jhc

but i like acting stupid.
which i think was just the right thing to do before attending a discussion about what direction the EU might take, hoisted in Cercle Cité (there are quite a lot of interesting events going on, so it’s worth checking out their website from time to time)

at 5Photo on 6-2-

and as the awesome “instagram-food” sushi bar is located immediately beneath the auditorium….

can only recommend Aka, the spot is nicely done up, very modern with colourful pictures of naked bodies, kinda looking like the shadows of venetian blinds fall on them (you could also say “kinda looking striped” but yeah..) there is a beautiful band conveyor on which the sushis pass before your hungry eyes, which is a kind of magnetic train, as the surface itself is made of glass and only the bowls are moving.
the desserts looked so damn tasty, although my tiny tummy couldnt even defeat all of the !delicious! sushi.

Photo on 62-14 at 5-2-14 at 5

btw, this is my brother, attempting to be a cool blogger like me. :DPhoto on 6- 5 n 6-2-14 at 5

Photo at 5





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