EXCITEMENT! (on my side of the web at least.) Since 3 weeks, I’ve been wondering how to handle all this awesomeness that comes across on the street here in cologne. Eventually, my clever mind figured out a wonderful way everyone benefits. People because their appearance will be widely appreciated, dear followers & dear by-lookers because they have the fortunate opportunity to become beauty spies in the Colo house and finally creepy me because because.

so what it is? #FOFRI. FOLLY FRIDAY.
two weeks. as much insta captures as possible of unique people who are running into me or who I’m running into. and here, the top 3 most-hearted COLOGNE STREETSYLES.

sounds like a plan doesnt it? yeah, you’re already all over it :) (like this is you) So let’s get started!


rad #shoes ! #cologne #street #people #spotting #fashion #outfit #bicycle #green #streetstyle

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(same amount of hearts)

#people #street #cologne #spotting #fashion #streetstyle

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That’s it!

I’ld love to hear your thoughts on this :)




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