‘access now’ on surveillance

Together with millions of people all over the world, I will be sitting down to watch the World Cup later tonight. But while I’ll be watching the games with my friends, I’ll be wondering who is watching me?


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Marie wont forgive you.

there is one thing i believe:

there is no forgivesness and no absolution. you have to assume your debts, take the responsibility of what you do/did and learn to live with it.

i learned that it’s wrong and craven to run away or hide, even tho it’s ways easier to do so.


i realized that taking responisibility and standing up for what you do and being honest about what you did is part of growing up , of dignity. Laying the blame on someone else is lame.


unfortunately, our government keeps lying to its people and to itself, which makes it impossible to trust or believe them.  that’s why we have to change it. that’s why we require new elections NOW.
P.S.  #NEIWAHLEN demo, SUN23, 14.00 (facebookevent HERE!)

DSC_1777m DSC_1788m



for relevance: find this outfit on LOOKBOOK HERE!

oh, and just in case you’re interested in luxembourg/european politics or randomly want to spy the very likeable and bright Jerry Weyer’s blog, here’s the link: jay.lu

(all the stuff you need to know about him:
-can be a merciless feminist by times
-most of his outfit match bright colours and look fab nevertheless
-he’s a pirate!
-will answer all your questions)

extra bit of info: Jerry created a facebook gallery with all the pics tagged #NEIWAHLEN.
it’s quite easy to join:
1. put the reasons why you’re claiming elections on a paper,
2. take a rad selfie,
3. upload it as public!
and the outcome will be hundreds of pretty&motivated faces aware of what they want, why they want it and when they want it. quite an impressive statement isnt it.




Nature/Eating Animals is a subject which really really really matters a lot to me.
Friend often think it s annoying when I start talking about,
but may they only do not want to ignor the problems and damages caused by their eating habits. (also also see->overconsumption :P)
So this video shows the young brand FOLLOWFISH who are aware of the current overfishing and stands for sustainable fishing.

just look the video(:

Even me, as a vegearian & nearly-vegan and  yearly winner of the “its impossible to take her out for dinner”award, could consider eating such a Happy Fish(: ….but only once a year or so (for a very special occasion) :D

Stay aware,

your unknown earthsavior France