-diving for pearls and into shadows-


writes about her wild journey through the jungle .
and pictures clouds, beasts &prodigies she discovers there, on the track.


I’m France, a young lady from Europe, aspiring to be excellent.

Pearls&Shadows is my personal style diary as well as a blog to share my love of fashion, beautiful minds, art, design(!) and marvellous ideas. I devotedly wear monochromatic outfits (black/white<3), kindle a strong love for the ocean and pursue perfection which i believe can be found in simplicity & great care for detail (in fashion at least). I’m passionate about running, reading and writing. I’m thinking, loving, flying, creating: lunatic dreamscapes, diving: bottomless seas. some #facts: studying linguistics of European law in Cologne, Germany, born in sweet nineteen ninety three and dont like boundaries and barriers (push beyond the limits guys!).

>This blog is dedicated to us people, it’s an honour to have you here and I hope the waves&words I post will inspire you.<3

be careful     xx



PS. As I’m very keen  on this design, but unfortunately cant import my blog history (major sad), you’ll also find me here: . Most of my social links (bloglovin&stuff) are on there as well :3





ask me (:



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