“a bomb that doesn’t explode is a cheap gold watch”


colored vinyls
sunken keys
trying to grasp – – the flooding sunlight
trying to merge- – my fleeting heart
– – – – – – – – – to the floating sea
– – – – – – – – – of golden hay.

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LE classic tee



Le striped tee is a wardrobe essential you can style&match with damn well everything, creating tons of diff looks and that’s why everyone loves it. And my heart belongs to this reallylong-sleeve tee from Maison Scotch, pretty much my fav. brand. Or as Lee wld have put it: “can’t beat a classic“. (the expendables)

so let me open the season ooof: wet hair, loads of fun, and rad outfits.

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don’t you say.


France introducing….. her new bag(:
a present from my lovely mommy.

i was very unsure at first, hesitating about the being so shiny, but in combination with non-shiny stuff i love it. demonstration:


the necklace is made out of recycled skateboard pieces and was a birthdaypresent from my best friend Thi<3
you dont really see it much, but SEVENPLY (by Lynn Weiler) is definitely worth being checked out by lovely you and your pc screen.


spy what i’m wearing at LOOKBOOK

enjoy the sun, drink loads & eat watermelon,