cold as a rat tail
and whatever you do you gotta fail
sliding on the bright yellow banana peel
getting caught in a big red ferry wheel

warm as a cat’s paw
and while the sun turns pale’n’raw
I turn on your mind and
……….on my heel
trapped in the stormy glow, we feel
feathery touches on our starving winter skin.

-blows&winter skin-

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Dear unknown(:

You may already noticed my very strange addiction to strange stuff & internet (window)shopping.
So while i was blogging around, visiting shops & places, running through New Mexico & Gloucester square on google earth, in a mere moment of unattention a wonderful website offered itself to me, and through ZUTALORS! i discovered a splendid colourful new universe.
I praise the genius behind these designs.

Such a pleasure has to be shared.(->click on the link above) Here a short inspect of what you might find<3