LE classic tee



Le striped tee is a wardrobe essential you can style&match with damn well everything, creating tons of diff looks and that’s why everyone loves it. And my heart belongs to this reallylong-sleeve tee from Maison Scotch, pretty much my fav. brand. Or as Lee wld have put it: “can’t beat a classic“. (the expendables)

so let me open the season ooof: wet hair, loads of fun, and rad outfits.

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okay, we all feel annoyed by cameras.
occasionnally, we wave/ smile/ grin/ fart/ lookdepressed/ glare/ coverourface/ laugh/ gangsign/ grin/ pullourtongue/ smirk/ peer/ show”fuckyou”/ closeoureyes/ jump/ do-stupid-things in front of it
buuut, mesdames,messieurs this topppps&doubles&puts cream on it all:


Gentleman, lift your hand if you’re joining me doing this.
My Ladies.

do it. now.

xxx  Fränz.