for you, whom i value.

during every morning yoga and-or morning tea, each day anew, I assess my truth(s). I precisely question how i live, who I live with. And I wonder why. Thereby I dont live by habit, but consciously take decisions about the how & who. about what stays and what goes. about what is true and what isnt. about what matters. about who matters. about who is trustworthy. for this moment. again and again interrogating meaning & value. So when I say I love you, it’s never because I’m used to our friendship. Every day you’re chosen. And I believe this is what fills life. Every day i decide what and who makes me grow. Every day you are a fascinating & inspiring element I want to be in touch with and reach out for. Everyday I aim to live. Everyday i try to live




LE classic tee



Le striped tee is a wardrobe essential you can style&match with damn well everything, creating tons of diff looks and that’s why everyone loves it. And my heart belongs to this reallylong-sleeve tee from Maison Scotch, pretty much my fav. brand. Or as Lee wld have put it: “can’t beat a classic“. (the expendables)

so let me open the season ooof: wet hair, loads of fun, and rad outfits.

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liquid time

i dont have that much time to blog atm, schools,stuff&sutin!

however, all my beloved readers shalt not be bored; i’ll lighten up your minds with 2 quickly uploaded pics.
– and promise that i’ll blog more of them(cause I know you’ll claim more of awesome legs worn by not-quite-so-awesome-france) (:



P.S. Amazing Liz took these pictures( :

uhm the day before yesterday IT happened. actually it was great fun and we were lucky because of the good light condition outside. result can let himself be seen, doesnt it .